WebSenz – Personalised Analytics

WebSenz – Personalised Analytics


WebSenz is a combination of web server analytics and reporting that combines website usage statistics with member/donor data to provide valuable insights into constituent engagement with iMIS RiSE websites.
It consists of tools that can take scheduled dumps of the IIS log file and then parse this into iMIS business objects and convert the results into meaningful data, ready to be cross-referenced against any iMIS data.


The Zentso Web Log reader runs a process on a scheduled basis that transforms the server’s web logs into rows in tables in iMIS. It has inbuilt business logic that transforms complex strings like UserAgent into meaningful data columns like operating system and browser. It also ensure that the sheer volume of data coming from the web server does not overwhelm your iMIS database by selecting only meaningful data and setting limits on how large the iMIS table can grow. The tool also links the data rows in the table to iMIS user so that the page hits can then be cross-referenced with any other data in iMIS. All data in tables is available as Business Objects in iMIS for querying and reporting.


WebSenz uses standard iQA queries on business objects as its analysis platform. These can be converted into Dashboards or published wherever needed using RiSE.
The most commonly used statistics are preconfigured in a Dashboard and there is also a WebSenz tab on the contact Profile page showing personal statistics per member. These pages can also be easily expanded and customized with additional WebSenz statistics according to business need, and by simply editing standard iMIS queries.

Key statistics available from WebSenz Dashboard are:
• Bar chart of popular pages by month – showing the number of page hits by page this month
• Bar Chart of popular pages by member type – relate page hits to contact types
• Query view of Popular pages per user – look at which users are hitting the most numbers of pages
• Query view of all page hits by member type – see al
• Page hits by browser type – a series of charts showing volumes of hits from browsers on comparative pie charts for windows pcs, Mac’s Mobile phones and other operating systems.
• Pie Charts of Popular downloads – see what items are being downloaded most*

Key statistics available from WebSenz tab on an individual contact’s profile are:
• All page hits by a user – see a timeline of the pages a user has visited, what IP address they visited from and what browser they used.
• Popular pages by user – see what pages a user visits most often
• Forum posts by a user – with the content of the post
• Last login by a user
• Downloads by a user – showing IP address downloaded from, and time/date*

*For download statistics, Zengage FormToolz iPart is required to collect the analytics relevant data.
WebSenz statistics are all made available as IQA queries and can be visually rendered as graphs, charts or tables. Organizations and staff members can build up their WebSenz dashboards by selecting and visualizing queries that are most relevant to their functions.


Zentso offers further training and services around these reports and Dashboards to help your organisation get the most out of their data.