CloudToolz Service Description

CloudToolz Service Description

CloudToolz is a service provided by Zengagers Ltd, trading as “Zentso”.  We will reference ourselves as “Zentso” (“we” or “us”). 

As described in this Service Description (the “Service Description”), CloudToolz (the “Service”) provides the Client (“you” or “Client”) with a platform that can access to a proprietary, business-integration, software-as-a-service via the internet on a subscription basis. The Service enables Zentso to integrate your data, software and software applications with iMIS or Salesforce.  CloudToolz is hosted by Zentso. 

CloudToolz Solutions include ZenDebit, Zenloader, Sagepay for Cloud, Opayo for Cloud, Flowz Workflow Engine, Hangfire for scheduling tasks, Stripe for Cloud and others. Please refer to individual solution documentation for more information. 

Any solutions are dependent upon CloudToolz. 

CloudToolz is governed by the Microsoft Azure platform. Provided the Azure platform is up and running and the Azure platform has not been breached, we will guarantee that: 

  • CloudToolz will communicate with third-party endpoints if the connection details for third-party platforms required for solutions to work have not changed and are still valid. 
  • the backend SQL server of CloudToolz is running
  • Workflows are running and performing tasks 
  • the API is working  
  • GDPR is ensured and personal data is only stored if required by the solution 

CloudToolz does not guarantee that solutions will continue working if the connection details to third-party platforms/solutions/integrations have expired, username/password combinations or access tokens have been changed and/or amended outside the CloudToolz service by non-Zentso staff. 

General Support and Consulting

We can provide support and general consulting on CloudToolz solutions on a time and materials basis.  Product support for individual CloudToolz solutions is not included in the Service.  We do not warranty that the CRM integrated with CloudToolz will work and any time spent relating to any issues due to this will be charged as consultancy.  We do not warranty the performance and functionality of the CRM, and any time spent that relates to issues caused by the CRM will be charged at our normal consulting rates.  For more information, refer to the CloudToolz Terms of Service

Emergency Support for CloudToolz 

If you require assistance due to any of the following issues relating to CloudToolz you can log an emergency support ticket here


We will provide, depending on the solution purchased, a web-based training and consulting service to help Clients become self-sufficient in using the CloudToolz Service.  This will be billed on a time and materials basis. 

Service Levels 

Zentso makes the Service available to you pursuant to the Zentso CloudToolz Service Level Agreement (“SLA”), which is posted here and is hereby incorporated into this Service Description. The SLA may be amended from time to time by Zentso, and any such amended version of the SLA will be the operative SLA with respect to this Service Description and the Service (i) from that point forward, or (ii) upon the next renewal date of the term, if Client provides written notice of Client’s objection to the change within 30 days of the amendment. Any new features added by Zentso that update, augment, or enhance the Service will also be subject to this Service Description. 


Billing is done as a monthly subscription billed annually in advance, except in the case of Consulting Services that are purchased separately.  The Service and solutions built upon the service may only be accessed and used upon the payment of applicable fees.  Fees will vary depending on the particular CloudToolz solution required. 

Data Transfer 

Client data will be transferred to the CloudToolz platform in the UK for UK clients and Germany for the rest of the world. For the purposes of any such transfer, and as required by the applicable Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) that governs Clients’ use of the Service, Zentso will put in place adequate protection to safeguard the Client data as follows:  

  1. to the extent Client data is confidential, Zentso will protect such data in accordance with the confidentiality terms set forth in the Terms of Service,  

  1. Zentso will use appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Client data (including any personal data) against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, and 

  1. Zentso will obligate its subcontractors and/or business partners who may have access to the Client data to adopt equivalent security measures to those set out in subsection (2) above. 


Other than with respect to CloudToolz, no hardware or software is being transferred, sold, leased or licensed to Client under this Service Description. To the extent Zentso uses hardware or software as part of its delivery of the Service, such hardware or software will be licensed, owned or otherwise held by Zentso. 

Terms of service 

Please refer to the terms of service here.

This service description was last updated on 27/05/2021