Zentso Sustainability

Zentso Sustainability

The Zentso team aspires to build a better future through our work in the NFP sector.

Zentso subscribes to the quadruple bottom line in the way that it operates. This takes into account – 


With 7 billion people on the planet, we need to thrive individually and collectively.


There is no planet B, and without our planetary base, there is no Zentso!


Everybody needs sufficient wealth to have a quality existence, but not so much that we deprive others of that existence.


Life is more than mundane survival. We believe humans need to work to live not vice versa. 

We also support the UN goals of sustainable development – 

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

We enable Not-For-Profit organisations to focus on their missions by empowering them to use the latest technology at the best price. Organisations that do good for the planet deserve to use powerful tech to create positive change in the world.

Affordable and Clean Energy

As the nature of our work is digital and requires a lot of energy, we always opt for energy from renewable sources wherever possible. We work remotely and travel only when needed.

Gender Equality and Beyond

We strongly believe in empowering women in tech and offer equal opportunities and support to all genders. We are a family-friendly company, and employ many parents with flexible working. Beyond that, we run a zero tolerance policy for any discrimination based on race or religion.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We want every employee to be able to live a life of dignity with decent pay and flexibility as their lifestyle and responsibilities require. Therefore we continually ask ourselves: "Is this how I would want to work myself if I was in another staff person's shoes?". We challenge ourselves to have empathy for our fellow workers and clients that we work with. Empathy is a core foundation for the way we work.

Good Health and Well Being

The well being and vitality of our employees is key to our success, and it is important to us that we maintain work-life balance for our staff. We promote physical and mental health of employees by supporting regular exercise regimes, proper nutrition and reflective processes. Our aim is to enable all employees to be able to deliver against their potential in a sustainable way that does not burn them out, and allows them to thrive in their personal lives.