West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Find out how West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce created better member marketing capability

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (WNYC) provides a range of high-quality professional services to support local business in the counties of West and North Yorkshire, England. WNYC offers assistance ranging from discounted marketing and advertising promotion to free legal help, all designed to grow local businesses and attract new ones.

The Challenge

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is building stronger local communities by helping businesses get access to the tools they need to grow the economy in the area.

They had selected Salesforce® as a platform for rapid digital accelaration, but had been working with a commercial Salesforce® partner and had run into difficulties trying to get a viable membership and events solution running on the platform. They approached Zentso for help, because they had heard of Zentso’s experience with Not-For-Profits and Salesforce®

The Solution

Having already committed to move to Salesforce®, the next step was to understand the unique membership, events, finance and communication requirements WNYC had for its CRM system. To accomplish this, Zentso worked extremely closely with WNYC to select the correct software apps on Salesforce® to suit its needs. We helped them choose Fonteva as the best fit association management package, and then we put together an implementation plan that met WNYC’s budget.

“We knew financially, we needed to save money while doing even more,” says Ruth Shann, Head of Operations for WNYC and the driving force behind its digital transformation. “We also needed all of our data to remain GDPR compliant, and we wanted all of our chambers to be able to access it and use it with ease. On the membership side, we wanted them to be able to book more things online, change their own details – essentially, engage with us more.”

With these specific goals in mind, Zentso delivered WNYC an easy-to-use, robust membership and events management functionality it needed, combining the power and, intuitive nature of Salesforce® with the unique membership-specific functionality, workflows and schema Ruth Shann’s team needed to hit their specific cost, data compliance, revenue, and member engagement goals.

With Fonteva on Salesforce®, WNYC will be able to gain real insights from all the data it gathers from member interactions – no matter where they occur. Now, whether its direct debit set-up, account information updates, or form submissions from WYNC’s websites, Ruth and her team will finally have a full 360-degree view of the entire customer journey for each and every one of their members. WYNC’s members will gain easier access to the services that provide value to their membership, including having a live system that allows members to sign up for events, register for classes and renew their membership with ease.

And if there’s something WNYC wants to do, it knows Zentso will be right there working alongside it as a trusted partner to innovate and continue to deliver new functionality to improve the member experience.

The Bottom Line

WNYC is excited to enter a new era in their association, one of increased productivity, cost savings and greater innovation in digital and meaningful membe engagements. The Salesforce® Platform will effectively manage risk and maintain compliance while improving user adoption and member engagement across the board.

“Our members will more clearly see the benefits of membership,” says Ruth. “That’s critical.”
Using smarter tools to support local business? That’s better association management, delivered by Zentso.

“We knew about Salesforce®’s reputation, that you can innovate with it,” says Ruth. “It’s going to grow with you, and continue providing the latest, most innovative technology that we can use to serve our members along the way. We also know it’s going to work for both commercial businesses as well as non-profits.” “With Fonteva, we can continue to offer our members new value and features as we move forward into the future.”

Ruth Shann, Head of Operations for WNYC

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