Historical Association

Historical Association

Progress to iMIS Conversion


The Historical Association is the leading association for history teachers in the UK, and internationally. The association has large volumes of members, including paid members, who gain access to multiple online resources 

With a small team of staff, The Historical Association rely heavily on online join and renewal processes to maintain their organisation. 

The Challenge

The Historical Association were experiencing difficulties with their outdated legacy system, Progress, and were aware they could enhance the member experience by moving to a modern platform. The decision was made to migrate their data to iMIS and experience the benefits of a web-based CRM that instantly connected data, whilst helping reduce the amount of manual processing being completed by the team.  

All the data needed to be migrated from one system to another. There was also the requirement to create complex online join processes for the associations varying types of membership. 

The Solution

Firstly, Zentso implemented RiSE (iMIS website product) member site for and migrated all their data from The Historical Association’s legacy system to their new CRM  

With the help of specialist direct Debit knowledge, Historical Associations Bottomline Direct Debit service was integrated with the CRM to enable online membership paymentsOnline join processes for members was the next area that was updates. Join Processes were now complete with AFD address validationCAPTCHA’s in their forms, as well as online Direct Debit mandates. Members now had easier options to pay online. The team now have clear overviews with all data being saved directly in their CRM. 

A Rise staff site was also implemented for The Historical Association. Driven by dashboards, staff could see and control their online processes adding or subtracting steps when necessary.  

The concept of Agile project management, with Trello (our project management system to visually control)helped all stakeholders of the implementation prioritise and manage tasks within the project to ensure deadlines were met and goals achieved. 

The Bottom Line

The Historical Association were delivered a modern, web-based upgradeable solution with endless possibilities of what they can achieve. The association now have the tools and accessibility to grow their membership within the strong capabilities of their team, with the help of the ongoing support from Zentso 

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