ZenDebit for Cloud

ZenDebit for Cloud

The most simple and powerful way to manage your direct debits, SEPA and ACH payments in iMIS. ZenDebit frees up staff time, improves data security for sensitive information and gives better visibility of the mandate and claim process.

Prices starting from

£ 99
  • Fewer failures and faster revenue recognition

    Pay off cash or accrual dues

    Real-time dashboards and automated processes

    Ditch the manual files – fully automated GoCardless integration

Is your sensitive information held in an encrypted format?
Very often it is not, leaving your data vulnerable.
Staff may have to spend hours of time or you may have to spend money on a costly web integration to get your direct debits into iMIS.
ZenDebit offers the following features to overcome these challenges.

  • Military grade encryption: never take or hold bank account information in iMIS – all details held securely by integration with GoCardless  (global leader in Direct Debits)
  • Automated claims and payment processes – forget about uploading and downloading files.
  • Communication emails for every transaction automatically emailed to contacts.
  • Simple Pricing Plans depending on your volumes of transactions (link is external)
  • Use your own SUN number or be up and running with a GoCardless SUN in minutes.
  • Online mandate creation integrated into the standard iMIS checkout page
  • Dashboard driven – see successful and failed transactions in real-time
  • Full history of every bank account, mandate and transaction
  • Custom payment plans – annual, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly
  • Pays off multiple billing products effortlessly.
  • Fully upgradeable
  • SEPA payments can also be included