Sagepay for Cloud

Sagepay for Cloud

Secure 3DS2 SagePay (Opayo) payments for iMIS Cloud

Cloud based 3DS2 payments for Sagepay.

Choosing a secure European-based payment gateway is difficult. You may have allready chosen and be happy with SagePay. Our solution means that you can stick with a secure name that is trusted, and do not have to move to any other gateway.

Our unique solution offers the following:-

  • Checkout using the secure SagePay provided page. iMIS never touches any sensitive credit card information and only stores SagePay tokens.
  • SagePay takes care of all the heavy-lifting in 3ds2 secure on their page, and this is future-proof for any other payment methods or processes that come along in future.
  • Works as an iPart that is easily added to your iMIS checkout pages.
  • Has MOTO transactions for staff to be able to bypass 3DS2 over the phone.