A simple, trusted process to get your organisation ready for the move to iMIS Cloud


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Time Estimate

iMIS Cloud Demo

Demo of the latest features that iMIS Cloud delivers and the value it could bring to your organisationIncluded

Organisation Maturity Self-Assesment

Complete the free online assesment which identifies strengths and weaknesses, reveals opportunities to harness value from iMIS and helps support your strategic business goals. Get insights into your organisation’s maturity vs the top 10% of iMIS clients. Detailed report includes: maturity level assessment and analysis and best practice recommendations for improvement.


Strategic Business Alignment

In this half day workshop, we will work with your organisation's executives to understand your 5 year stategic plan and to align this with the iMIS technology roadmap to ensure that all technology features are properly harnessed to deliver against your strategic goals.

0.5 Days (Optional)

System Readiness Audit

We will conduct a full iMIS system audit detailing all the customisations and third party add-ons and integrations, and which of these are inhibitors for the move to cloud.

2 Days

Digital Declutter

Our decluttering process helps you to simplify your solutions and align them to how iMIS works, reducing cost and effort of ownership. We suggest the most simple alternatives to Cloud inhibitors and ensure that your business goals are met in a future-proof manner.1 day

Cloud Migration Roadmap

We prepare and deliver a full, costed report detailing what is needed to move your organisation to the Cloud, and the business benefits gained. We include a step-by-step plan of how to get there in a manner that meets your working constraints.

2 Days