What Is CloudToolz?

CloudToolz is Zentso’s proprietary IAAS (Integration As A Service) software that allows you to connect your cloud CRM to most anything with an API (and many systems that don’t!)

It’s more than just a library of connectors though, it also has data transformation services, workflow and scheduling services, UX/UI building and website creation tools as well as reporting and insights capabilities. We also have complete pre-built solutions or apps that come out-the-box ready to transform the way you work.

If you need to connect anything to your CRM with clicks not code – make CloudToolz your priority!

More on CloudToolz functionality

CloudToolz Apps

Many of the Zentso solutions are built as CloudToolz apps. We license CloudToolz depending on the number of pre-built apps you are using. Below is a list of the pre-built Zentso apps:-


CloudToolz has a large library of pre-built connectors which can be easily slotted in to our unique Flowz workflow engine to make integration really simple. View our full list of integrations here.



Security is a priority for your data. Read Cloudtoolz Security policies here.


Last updated on 17/02/2023