Law Society of Scotland

Law Society of Scotland

Find out how LSS created a Member Self-Service Portal




LSS is the regulatory body for Scottish lawyers and performs the vital function of issuing practising certificates to eligible lawyers in Scotland. They have a large member base of individual lawyers and practises. 

The Challenge

LSS had employed a web design firm to complete a project on how the standard member portal could be updated and personalised to meet their needs. LSS contacted Zentso to implement this new design in RiSE (their content management system). LSS also wanted to keep to the standard elements of the website as much as possible (iMIS iParts). The team asked that there were lists of links and reminders that had editable business logic behind them so that different users would see different links based on their CRM data. 

Another request was to be able to pull in favourites from the CMS (Umbraco), store them and have them visible and editable by the user in iMIS. Along with this, they required various news feeds to dynamically appear on a contact’s record based on their CRM profile. 

The Solution

In order to be as easy for the staff to use, the standard RiSEcustom page layouts were used to achieve the requested design. To achieve the personalised lists for Quick Links and reminders,  Viewz iPart, a solution brought to you by Zentso was implemented. This allowed for links to be created that displayed for specific users and notfor others based on just a few IQA queries. The beauty of this was that LSS could easily see and edit the business logic whenever they needed to add or change links.  

To get favourites from Umbraco into iMIS, a web widget was created in Umbraco, that when clicked, took the user to a RiSE landing page and carried the Umbraco content URL, ImageURL and title as parameters in the URL. This landing page in Rise contained a WebToolz page that read the paramters from the URL, displayed them back to the user and allowed them to add the content to their favourites in RiSE. These favourites where then displayed in the contact profile with a link to be able to edit them. 

Personalised RSS feeds were also added to the member landing page using the Query RSS iPart, brought to you by Zentso. Essentially, this tool reads the RSS feed, allows you to format it in the manner of your choice, and then displays or does not display the feed based on the results of an IQA query. 

The Bottom Line

 LSS were delivered a highly user friendly and effective user portal for their members. This was all done within their content management system and the solution was completely upgradeable. Most importantly, they could see and alter the business logic behind all the personalisation at will. With the help of Zentso, LSS now have the tools they need to build connections with their members in a way that is easy for staff to navigate.  

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